1 week, 4 states, and almost 2,000 miles…plus a Diaconate Ordination!

This past week gives me yet more reason to agree to the name of my blog. I have definitely been roamin’ about the country in the past several days, almost 2,000 miles so far! Travel seems to be a constant experience of my summers and more travel is coming my way (including an 8-week immersion to Guatemala coming up later this month). I have currently managed to work my way through 4 Star Wars audiobooks to help ease the long hours on the road.

Last week I headed down to Denver for a couple days, saw some good friends and got to spend a retreat day at the Sacred Heart Retreat House in Sedalia, CO with the priests of my diocese (Diocese of Cheyenne). It is always a joy to be able to spend a day praying and socializing with the priests whom I will, in just a couple years, be a part of their shared presbyterate.

This past weekend was also exciting as I made my way across I-90 in South Dakota into Sioux City, IA for diaconate ordinations. It was such a blessing to be part the ordination of my close friend, now Deacon Brian Feller. After his ordination I traveled up to his home town and joined in the celebration at his house and got to meet all of his family that were present. What an awesome family, they were all kind and extremely welcoming. The next moring, Pentecost Sunday, Deacon Brian was deacon for the Mass at his home parish and I assisted as Thurifer. Deacon Brian preached about how the Spirit gives us gifts to live as beloved children of the Father and how we must “let it go” and let the Spirit lead us in our lives. It was such an honor and a blessing for me to be present for Brian and all of the events surrounding his ordination.

Next week I go on retreat with the seminarians of Wyoming. We are headed to the west side of the state to enjoy being with God, enjoy being with each other, and enjoy the immense beauty of Wyoming. That means another long road trip ahead of me, maybe I’ll work through a few more Star Wars books… 😉


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