Secrets of Star Wars

Father Fett (Host)

Who is the mysterious bounty hunter that from his beginning captured Star Wars fans' imaginations? Thomas Sanjurjo and Angela Sealana examine Boba Fett's appeal from his nearly monosyllabic original trilogy appearances to getting his own streaming series. The post Boba Fett appeared first on SQPN.com.
  1. Boba Fett
  2. Jango Fett
  3. Galaxy’s Edge in Disneyland and Disney World
  4. The Bad Batch, Ep. 16: Kamino Lost
  5. The Bad Batch, Ep. 15 – Return to Kamino
  6. The Bad Batch, Ep. 14 – War-Mantle
  7. The Bad Batch, Ep. 13 – Infested
  8. The Bad Batch, Ep. 12 – Rescue on Ryloth
  9. The Bad Batch, Ep. 11 – Devil’s Deal
  10. The Bad Batch, Ep. 10 -Common Ground

Secrets of Technology

Fr. Andrew Kinstetter – Co-host

WSJ’s The Facebook Files Secrets of Technology

The Wall Street Journal has revealed Facebook's internal files on a variety of areas. Dom Bettinelli and Pat Scott discuss the revelations and how they affect and perhaps should affect in the future how we use their and other's services. The post WSJ’s The Facebook Files appeared first on SQPN.com.
  1. WSJ’s The Facebook Files
  2. iPhone Lucky 13
  3. Buy Your Own Cable Modem
  4. Big Tech in Small Towns
  5. Tech for Disaster Preparedness
  6. Whither Livestream Masses?
  7. We Won’t Own Our Gadgets
  8. Billionaires in Space
  9. Millennial Saint for the Internet Age
  10. Windows 11 First Look