Secrets of Star Wars

Father Fett (Host)

Bad Batch, Ep. 7 – Battle Scars Secrets of Star Wars

Rex is back! Fr. Andrew, Angela, and Mike talk about the inhibitor chips in The Bad Batchers and how Rex is the catalyst to remove them. They also talk about the need for community and a "squad" as we, ourselves, deal with the various metaphorical inhibitor chips in our brains whether sin and vice or mental illness. The post Bad Batch, Ep. 7 – Battle Scars appeared first on SQPN.com.
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  3. Bad Batch, Ep. 5: Rampage
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Secrets of Technology

Fr. Andrew Kinstetter – Co-host

Tech Memento Mori Secrets of Technology

What happens to your digital life and tech when you die? Dom and Pat discuss how to prepare so your survivors can pick up the digital pieces after you're gone, not just your social media accounts, but cloud services, finances, app stores, and more. The post Tech Memento Mori appeared first on SQPN.com.
  1. Tech Memento Mori
  2. Buy and Sell Safely Online
  3. Avoid Dark Patterns
  4. My OS Is Obsolete!
  5. The Sky is Falling?
  6. Amazon Kindle Tips and Tricks
  7. Get Rid Of Your Old Tech Responsibly
  8. Apple Was Spring Loaded
  9. What is an NFT?
  10. Choosing Web Hosting, Domain Registrar, and Email Server