The Spiritual Battle of Lent

When various challenges arise in our daily life, there is an innate drive in human nature to confront the challenge, battle fiercely, and win.  All sporting events reveal this powerful drive in athletes, academic competitions reveal this in those who compete on an intellectual level, those with illnesses often fight hard to beat the sickness (my aunt Kay fought bravely against lung cancer and won, even though she died a couple years later from the effects of all the treatments; I miss you dearly, Auntie Kay), and we confront many other types of battles each day, but often we forget about the most important battle of them all, the one waged on the spiritual level.  Each year, Lent gives us the focused opportunity to engage in this battle, the battle for our souls, by recognizing our own weaknesses and failings, and turning back to the Lord with our whole heart. Read more