Jump Rope for Heart at St. Mary’s School!


At St. Mary’s Catholic School here in Cheyenne, Jump Rope for Heart begins today!  The students will jump rope and learn more about healthy ways to stay active and keep a healthy heart.  And yes, I do plan on jumping rope with them!  I greatly remember this event when I was in elementary school and enjoyed jumping rope as an entire school and just enjoying the whole event.  This event is also a fundraiser for the American Heart Association which helps kids with heart disease.  I’m joining millions of others to help save lives with the American Heart Association! Read more

Why I Don’t Like New Year’s Resolutions

Today is January 2 and most New Year’s resolutions are in full swing with high optimism and zeal.  Glancing at the news headlines, they were full of health related topics, typically all geared toward New Year’s resolutions regarding personal health.  One suggested a diet surrounding eating low-carb, high fat foods (bring on the bacon!), while others suggest cutting alcohol, and others offered tips and incentives for gym memberships in the new year.  Now while these are all well and good, particularly if we have overindulged over the last month with Thanksgiving and Christmas, I do have an issue with these health crazes surrounding New Year’s resolutions. Read more